How to install Lollipop CM12 on Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

How to update TWRP Recovery to the latest version, and then install CyanogenMod 12 rom based on android 5.0.2 Lollipop
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Link to TWRP recovery img for flash

Link to XDA thread on CM12

Link to CM12 rom …


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    i have tab 4 version 4.4.4 ,model (sm t231) but its kit kat version and i want to covert into lolipop version … can it be done or not… help me plz…

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    Hi, my device T325 failed to normal booth odin mode after flash and nothing change, anyone could suggest recovery method please?

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    I have no experience with updating Android devices however I would like a newer version of Android on my samsung galaxy tap pro SM-T520. I an not comfortable doing it and was wondering if anyone offers a service to do the update. Any ideas?

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    Thank you for the video. I can't get they physical buttons to vibrate/make a sound when I press them. They work and they light up, but I don't get any haptic feedback when I press them.

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