How to make beat on Android (Caustic 3 tutorial – Episode 1) import external sound

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This video is an educational program that shows how to import audio from outside the caustic …


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    I got a question tho. Im about to cop a new laptop. Been thinking the full laptop version. You use it? Been trying to figure out the pros and cons. Cant find any cons except not being able to export in 64 bit. Which isnt a big deal. The site says laptop version has no support. Not sure what that means. Not sure if they meant techincal support or something with hardware/software. Do you know?

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    I have been Offline due to this new job. .. But I'm in the process of a new video now. … episode 2 will be about how I cut my samples and use them in caustic….. Sorry about my delay everyone

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    You can use music from your own library, the only thing is that when your in the media converter app you need to be able to find the download file where all of your music is stored.  It may be in a different file name but most of the time all of the music is found in a file called download.  if you still can't find it ill make another video on how to import music from your library.  I have Episode 2 ready to post i just need to record a voice over.  I should be ready in a few days 

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    You have to hit the button on the very bottom in black that will either save pattern or song since its stuck on loop it should say pattern just go ahead and hit that button at the very bottom and it'll switch to say song

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