How to pair or set up your Garmin Advanced 230/235 – Garmin Connect Mobile

How do you pair Garmin Forerunner 235/230 with your Android phone. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to pair your mobile phone with Garmin Forerunner 230 / 235. This will use Bluetooth on your phone to connect. You will need to install the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

Garmin Forerunner 230/235 (paid link) ?:

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    I have an iPhone and when I try to pair the forerunner 235 on the garmin connect app- I can't select the forerunner. It is stuck and just says "not connected." Ultimately, the watch will time out and say try again which I have tried several times. Any suggestions?

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    Hi, what if smartphone (huawei p8 lite) doesn't find the watch (garmin forerunner 235)? Do I need Wi-Fi to pair them? Or transfer will be enough?
    I have transfer and bluetooth and it doesn't work.
    I paired them 3 days ago (while having Wi-Fi at home), but I wanted to do this yesterday (no Wi-Fi – I'm not sure if this may cause the problem) and I wasn't able to do that.
    I was making steps on the whole house like an idiot, because watch asked for making steps ;/ It was paired for a while and than was disconnected 🙁
    Please, help me 🙁
    I'm angry as hell!

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