How to play Minecraft Crossplay Ps4 Xbox! Servers / modify information and explain PS codes!

How do you cross game minecraft ps4 with xbox nintendo and android and ios switch, in addition to worlds server information, and how to buy new minecraft mods and voice chat information?
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    so if I bought java edition on PC can I get bedrock edition for PC for free? I really dont want to buy it twice

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    I'm trying to join my friends on xbox who have a realm world but for some reason it says can't join specific server, can anyone help me out please????

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    So I logged out of my Microsoft account and now I'm trying to sign back in to the same account but it keeps popping up with an error that states that I already signed in with a different account even though the account they show I had signed in with is the same as I'm trying to sign in now

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    Is there a way to add and play with someone from PC to Playstation 4 because I'm trying to play with my friends on Pc from my PS4. If there is a way, and if possible, could you do a tutorial?

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    I cannot join from Switch to PS4. If I go to crossplay friends online, there is no one online. If I search for their name, it says they're online but there is no option to join, it says Report, Mute, Block. And if they send me an invite, I don't get a notification or anything. It's fucking frustrating! And the same thing happens for Android to PS4. Can't do anything!

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    My mom won’t let me buy the stupid bullshit ps plus. What’s the point in paying $60 a fucking year to play online on a console that I already spent $400 fucking dollars on

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    Why tf can't I join my friends? One of my friend changed his online id (if someone wants to know) but my other friend who hasn't changed his id still can join him

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    PSA!!! Use the Microsoft name when searching for your friend not their PSN or xbox live etc etc search AND send friend request using Microsoft account name and you will have no issues finding and playing with friends

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    To talk to people cross platform , I have found plugging your ps4/switch into your Xbox one account and then using Xbox’s party chat. This works with other games that are cross platform as well

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    Anyone noticed glitches with redstone now? All my elevator designs and other contraptions no longer work. I mainly upset about how slow pistons seem to move now. Flying machines seem impossible

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    I linked my account and all but when I go on my Xbox I don't see my PS4 maps same for when I go to PS4 I can't see anything for my Xbox account ethire consoles but it does let me join my friends from PS4 and Xbox so I'm confused

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