How to play mobile games using the display, keyboard and mouse? – ATEN UH3236 USB-C Mini Dock

In this video, we will show you how to use the display, keyboard and mouse to play Android portable games using UH3236.

With UH3236, you can connect your smartphone to an external screen with a large screen, full-size keyboard and mouse while charging and access a fast Ethernet network at the same time. Your Android phone can transform into a PC-like environment …


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    Hello i did buy a hub like this ethernet all thing is working BUT i cant charge my phone when i am playing . This is a settings or what is a problem ? Thanks for answer.( samsung s10+)

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    Hey.. I bought otg and usb spliter.. but every time I connect my key and my mouse its will just connected fot a few second.. and I cant find any keymapper that will support codmobile..

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