How to play SNES games on Android! SNES Android Emulator! Snes9x EX + tutorial setup!

Hey guys my name is Scooby and in today's video, I'm going to show you how to play Super Nintendo Entertainment System games on your Android device!

This will be a simple simple tutorial for SNES games on Android, as we will be using the free SNES emulator on Android called Snes9x …


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    I just realised that I said 'PC' at the start of this video instead of 'android' so you can take this comment as my formal apology! <3

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    Hey I'm running snes9x on my S7 Edge. It seems to run fine mostly. But has some slowdowns, is it normal? I mean it has a pretty nice processor as opposed to the recommended 1 Ghz. What are your settings in snes9x?

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