How to play Wii and GameCube on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – * NEW * Dolphin Emulator iOS 12/12/11

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Dolphin iOS Source LINK:

How to get Cydia on iOS 13:

How to play Wii and GameCube on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – * NEW * Dolphin Emulator ….


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    This proves that we are getting closer and closer to emulating PS2 games on mobile…which years ago that was thought as impossible. The only problem with these games is the SIZE…some are light and others are huge which adds up to taking a huge chunk of your storage.

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    This is not really anything new you have always been able to play gamecube and Wii games with a jailbroken iPhone but with poor framerate the only difference now is that the emulator has been better optimized for ios so these games can run at a playable framerate.That was gonna happen inevitably but the biggest obstacle to using the dolphin emulator on ios still exists.Jailbreaking is not an option for the vast majority of ios users so this basically means dolphin on ios is still not available.

    Meanwhile on Android I can easily use dolphin and I don't have to jump through hoops or go through any nonsense.Not only that there is now a 3ds emulator in development for Android but not for ios.Ios is a horrible platform for emulation.

    I imagine in the future when phones get more powerful there may even be a ps3 emulator made for Android but not for ios.

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    Funny thing is dolphin has been on android for a while now. I just switched to OnePlus 7 pro from my iPhone and am loving a lot more. I always play wii games.

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    Please do a video for using a control! Using a controller for games like mario kart wii would be grea as u don’t have to use motion controls

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