How to reduce buffering on Android! | The simplest way!

Are you experiencing buffering, and can't enjoy streaming or YouTubing?
This video is for those men / girls.

2020 Setup

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    Oh my god! Before downloading the app I could only watch videos is 340p the after downloading the app I can't believe it! I can watch 1080P WITHOUT BUFFERING! and you might think iam a bot. I am not a bot. Tnx Ameya you're truly is amazing. What I've said is not a joke guys.

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    Yeah, on CERTAIN videos on YouTube, Everytime I try to watch them they always buffer at the SAME. EXACT. TIME. and I can't get it to stop, hope this helps…

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    I got rid of ads with a factory reset!!! but I've watched tons of videos on how to stop this buffering and not one has worked and most of the features they mention aren't even on my cellphone

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