How to Root Archos 80-101 9GEN Android 4.0.7 Busybox + Superuser

Shake something fixed !!!!!

How to enable ADB drivers for Archos

Mediafire Links


2- Enable SDE

3-1 + 2 + ADB


4Shared links


2- Enabling ….


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    hey, i am a 1 year ago rooted me tablet with this tutorial, but now i make factory reset, and triyng root back me tablet but now, i dont see developer edition menu, how i can root back my tablet?

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    well dude i have 200 Pounds in my youtube adsense account
    which are 1000 dirhams (uae)
    and adsense shit won,t give me the money
    i need alot of things and some more things so it is fucked up
    so no money here 🙁

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    It would be a great thing
    however i don,t have the device 🙁
    btw those were my stupid friends trying to disturb me
    there is a writtin tutorial you can read.

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    I think U removed BOTH the developer edition and android Boot
    so i think u need to restore it download the OS from archos website
    In the developer edition menu there is a option that allows u to select the OS
    it will open a disk drive on your computer (same as USB)U place the file in it (OS FILE) then u hit next and it will fix Android (non rooted) Everything is explained in the developer edition menue
    then u can try the Root

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    Thanks for your answer. I tried to install the sde to have the developer option on recovery menu but I lost the boot so now when turn it on it goes directly to the recovery menu. What should I do?
    Thank you.

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    grand work thanks for the super user I'm almost become crazy question they have planned how I can always install the apps on the hdd an answer would be great…

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    great 🙂
    for busy box installing is little bit hard
    but there is a rom (like the same one we used to did the root)
    u put it is called deodex somthing like that it have busy box in it
    and root

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