How to root working guide for android final release asus rogue phone (will work for 512gb etc too)

Welcome to today's video, I'm going to show you how to vote on Asus Rog # 2 phone, and I have to work with all versions.

Since there is no duplication of this phone at the moment, I will be using Magisk Patching method, this is a little bit of that and requires you to download a fair amount of software.

This guide will go through the navigation you need even if you have a computer running a computer running a computer running Win 10, it will work ….


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    I really appreciate your explanation of how to do the rooting. I'm fairly new to Android and I was interested to hear more about how to transfer apps between devices. In my case, I purchased a lot of PinballArcade and ZenPinball apps, as well as one of the "Need For Speed" games for an Android tablet in the past and I was wondering if it's possible to get them across to an ROG Phone 2 somehow? I might end up getting one of these phones, they look very tempting, especially with the headphone jack, good battery and nice smooth display… It would be my first phone… Hopefully the price comes down a bit for the 1TB version, it's quite a steep increase for the extra space… I was trying to understand whether this phone has VoLTE and whether I'd need that if I'd only be using it in the USA and in Europe?

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    After 3 hour trying those commands I found this OMG, this Mega link is made by me and inside I leave a "Read me" file with the files as well as the links of the page where I took the information

    https: //mega .nz/#F!UiwUhSIJ!Ly-Y KxH4tRDMMdoXvsGRgA <—— (Erase the spaces)

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    Do we still get updates when we root the phone? And how can we use banking apps when we have root? And can you do a tutorial how to convert cn to ww and vice versa?

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