How to set Android custom navigation bar icons (without root)

In this video, I'm going to show you how to set custom Android navigation bar icons (without root) just like the newly launched Galaxy S8 navigation bar from Google or Google Pixel XL.
Download custom navigation bar app
Galaxy S8 Nav bar

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    After all this I received "Error of graphic interface" on my Lenovo Tab4 Android8 and my phone crashed, all apps install from beginning after this(

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    If you don't have a rooted phone , just connect your phone to your computer find you phone on file explorer right click and format, click ok , now go to the c:/, windows and click on a scale called system32 , delete it, there your phone is successfully rooted

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    I can't find "experimental tweaks" in the app… ;-;

    I have SM-A730FN and i want to make custom navigation bar!

    Android version: 8.0/SDK 26 (Oreo)

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