How to stop vibration (for Android)

A quick video that shows you how to turn off compensatory (or vibration) comments on your Android phone for both the keyboard and when you tap the screen or the volume buttons. Of course, you can use this process in reverse to trigger vibration if it is currently set to off.

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    I wish if vibration feature was removed from phones it is so annoying and makes trouble I think they must remove it everyone like this comment so they can see and remove fucking annoying sound

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    Thank you for the information. However, the thing that's really bugging me is vibration when the phone gives me a notification. Any advice on that, good sir? πŸ™‚

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    My phone is a model Z799VL Andriod version 6.0.1. Not one tutorial I found on the intenet to turn off vibrations worked. I'm about to smash it on a rock. This started happening today. What the hell happened to my phone it just randomly starts shakinging my house with every freaking frame that passes! Please someone help me.

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    Thanks for the help. I have a ZTE phone and prior to watching your video I could not work out how to stop the vibrations when typing. Though my phone's menu was not identical to your example, I was able to work it out on my phone.

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    guys, i need help. everytime i turn on my tablet or even just press the power button, it wont stop vibrating! please i need your help

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    I wish you would talk slower just a bit, your words flow together and I can't understand what you are saying, You did help me a bit but I need to watch it again and again.

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    how to turn off the vibration of my phone?.when i was install bluetooth notifier and after a few days my phone is starting the can i off the vibration of my phone help me.

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