How to text GIFS on Android Gboard and Android tutorial messages

Spice up your text messages by sending GIFS from an Android phone! To start, you need to download two different apps from the Play Store. Once installed, follow the steps in the video to change the default keyboard and see how easy it is to search for GIF.

Required applications:
1. Android messages
2. Gboard – Google Keyboard

Technical help with Brett grow: ….


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    Being old and not tec savy this got my keyboard n funny GIFs back , have no idea why i lost it but do a lot of txtn wif fambly n friends. Thanks young man.

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    Thanks for the video, very helpful. One comment though: it's a gif, not a jif. It's a 'Graphic interchange format', not a brand of peanut butter.

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    How did you want to remove an account I posted and where does the deletion program come from? Please help me . send my link . Thank you

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    So..I dont really get this..But maybe someone can tell me and reply to this but I wanna send my group chat gifs but it doesnt have a button saying gifs and I dont know how to send gifs…?

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    Explain how to add and attach a existing one please thank you or will Google not allow you to use a pre-existing gif without you making it or it already being in there setup

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    Bought 64gb sd card for android…transferred photos n vids to card to free up internal space but when i delete pic from gallery, it also deletes from card??? Why is that? Can anyone help?

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    Sorry – – – You lost me at GBoard will be collecting all of my personal Data including passwords and credit card information. You just skipped right over that and hit ok. I don't think so.

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