How to transfer video to new Android – 2020

Learn how to transfer video / audio files to an Android device:
Try Wondershare UniConverter –

If you want to transfer video or audio files from your computer to an Android phone or tablet for enjoyment on the go, you can make full use of Wondershare UniConverter. The program has wide compatibility between different Android devices …


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    I transferred a lot of videos to my Android device after watching this video. The process is totally simple and easy. I highly recommend this software to everyone because of its safety and user friendly process.

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    How to transfer video to Android. Very good video step by steps with the suggestion of best video converter application(Software). Good idea keep it up. like it much.

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    Great all in one tool. Now I can convert, edit and transfer my audio and videos to the android mobile all in one go. Wondershare gives maximum value for my money.

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    Wow, one of the great post by wondershare!

    a very simple and easy way to transfer audio and video files from the system into an Android device.

    just connect your Android device with a USB cable into the laptop or desktop and on the debugging option in developer setting of Android, after a successful connection, you will be able to transfer the files into android. just followed the step of video, you can also use this, i will recommend to my friends for sure,

    thanks for posting, keep sharing.

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    graet work which helps me very this video I understand  how to transferr any file video audio etc everything from PC or other to android..this video is very simple nice and understanable..thanks u so much sir!!!

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    The keyword here is Fast! Something that I really recommend. This worked for me. With the quick instructions here, this awesome software works. This tool has got to be the best out there. Thank you guys.

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    I used this tool for a while now and I must say that I completely satisfied with it. I always use it whenever I need to transfer video files to my smartphone, so it works perfectly.

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    Was looking for a while for a software that would allow me to transfer properly my files to my Samsung. Thank you for sharing this tutorial, it really helped me

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