How to turn off the automatic update Facebook App Android

This video will show you how to turn off the auto update feature in Facebook app for Android. This LG G6 Android is powered by Android 8.0 Oreo. You will need to turn off the auto update feature in the Play Store as well as in the Facebook app to prevent the app from auto updating. I hope this video helps you!

Below is a link to the updated version of this ….


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    They have the option to turn off updates in the app, yet now it forces me to update by disabling the app. "You need to update facebook before you can use this app". Facebook is so shady. I hope it disappears completely.

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    Hello there!!! Will you help me??? I can't find the "App Updates" at media and contacts settings…where can i find it??? I have been open the media and contacts settings so many times but it still not appeared the "App Updates"??? Please help me???

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    Just wanted to thank you for this… my newest update on facebook won't let me take screenshots of things i want to save… Says can't due to security policy.
    This is new – I reset my phone back to factory, used it without data on long enough to test, and it worked fine.
    Hooked data up, (had ALL my auto updating off in google play store) and sure enough… IT updated itself.
    I saw it was no longer in the "Update" list in google play… Then opened it and tried to screen shot an article, and it gave me the error again. I'm really disappointed in them, hiding things you don't want and then doing things like this….

    Im on a Samsung Note 9, PIE update.

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    Thanks a lot. This is things Facebook should not hide. I have gotten pissed off all the time. Even I deny everything there and still updates. Next up is Instagram

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