How to uninstall system apps from any Android Mobile without root | 2019 Easy Way

In this video, you will learn how to uninstall system apps on Android without root. You can easily uninstall system apps from mobile phone using this video method. This is the easiest way to uninstall system apps without root. So watch the video and enjoy it

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    Can someone help? My realme 3 pro can't be detected whenever i plug my device and type in the command "adb devices". I followed the vid and even read the text tutorial; i think i installed all the necessary drivers in my laptop, the ADB driver and usb driver for my device. Kindly help me for those with enough knowledge in these kind of scenarios 🙁
    kindly email me at if you are willing to help 🙁 god bless u guys

  2. Reply

    Wow! I subbed to you because this worked. Interestingly enough I didn't install any usb drivers and it still worked (I don't ever remember installing drivers for my phone). For anyone wondering, I tried this on my Vivo Nex S (8gb ram, 128gb rom, global version) and I uninstalled V-AppStore, Messages, Notes, Weather, Email, and a few others. In total I recovered about 5gb. Due to having replacements like 1Weather and Google apps (PlayStore, Messages, Calendar, Keep Notes, Gmail) nothing was affected, and I also don't miss the system services. I only deleted the apps themselves. This is awesome!

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    Thank you very much sir.
    It really worked on my samsung phone
    I am feeling so happy that i have uninstalled my unwanted system apps by your help and my phone is also working good running smoothly and fast, RAM space also incresed.
    I was trying to solve this problem for so long time and finaly you made it posible👍👍

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    hi sir is this applicable for realme 3 pro. i cant connect on my vpn becausr of wifi sniffer- system app . i cant disable it . because that option was unclickable thanks sir.

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    wait this only uninstall the app but doesnt remove it permanently from the system? cause if your answer is yes the same exact method can be done using cmd but much easier and faster

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