How to use 2 Whatsapp in one phone Install 2 WhatsApp in one phone

How to use 2 Whatsapp in one phone. How to install 2 Whatsapp in one Android phone. Install WhatsApp 2 on the same phone. How to use two Whatsapp in one mobile phone. How to install Whatsapp on a lady's phone. Use 2 Whatsapp in 1 mobile phone. Today in this video I will show you how to install two Whatsapp in the same phone. WhatsApp is very important to communicate. So, we need more Whatsapp on …


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    Ur first method didn't work on my phone.. I can't create 2nd what's app account just by pressing and holding it..
    And I don't wanna install 3rd party app like parallel space .. plz help

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    I'm seeing this video as my whatsapp created another whatsapp automatically without using any of the steps above. Can somebody tell me how ??

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