How to use the new auto robot

Video tutorial on how to set up and use the new Android Auto update for 2019. If you still get the old Android Auto when setting up, change the setting through the Android Auto app on your phone, and if you are having trouble getting to have Android Auto running at all, make sure To update all of your phone software and have a good cable and all these good things Android Auto is not ….


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    "maybe something will happen ,maybe something won't happen , that's android auto" yup pretty much Android in a nutshell LOL
    maybe it will work maybe it won't maybe maps will give you proper directions , maybe it will direct you to drive the wrong way into on coming traffic or to the middle of nowhere to be left for dead, you just never know with Google

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    I need help… I have a Hyundai 2016 Santa Fe Ultimate and I am unable to get android Auto on the factory head unit. They tell me that I should not change the head unit because it would interfere with the AC…ANY IDEAS? I am aware there is the wireless that is supposed to come out next week….would this help although your cell phone has to have the latest android OS which is 9 and my new cell phone has 8.1…HELP

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    I see this video was done in September 2019. There has been a system update. Now there is a massive problem with Android Auto. It no longer projects to the screen of the car. I have tried 3 different phone. The update appears to have caused a massive problem. I have even received an e,ail from AA explaining it has been fixed. But it has not. Does any one have any answers

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    Holy smoke $3.70 for a gallon of gas in Calif?????? Great video and thanks but accordingly, people with Apple Play complain about Android and Android folks complain about Apple Play. I guess it's a matter of opinion.

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    Question i have a 2019 Gmc Sierra i was using android auto on my galaxy note 9 was working perfect. Went to the Note 10+ 5G will not set up at all would you know if i am over looking something.

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    I have the new Android Auto(AA) on my phone (S7), however when I connect to the car, the following message appears: "AA Encountered an Error: Communications Error 8. Your car's software didn't pass AA security checks. Make sure the car's date and time are set correctly, and that Google Play Services as been updated". My car's date and time are correct and as far as I can see, my Google Play Services is up-to-date. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can fix this? I never had a problem with the old AA.

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    In my experience, you do not need to allow the head unit access to your contacts or messages. That's to allow the stereo to be used in the old dumb way they used to work where Subaru would manage your voice commands etc. With Android Auto, you only need to accept permissions once IN the Android Auto app. All the permissions are between your phone and Android Auto. The car is just mirroring the interface.

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