Huge Android mobile gaming device … 7 inch FUN !!

JXD S7800B or 7800 7inch Gaming Tablet runs on Android.
Play mobile games, retro games, so let's test this game

Where do I get from?
JXD Store –
S7800 laptop –

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    I got a question. How long does it normally take for you to get something from AliExpress? I ordered the sega mini arcade back at the end of November and I still haven’t received it. I was just wondering if it was normal based on regions or should I have to get back with them and file a dispute. Love your channel.

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    I have one of these, and mine came with a much betrer box. Yours looks like it was a repackage of some sort. That directional pad is not the best but its decent, definately not good for fighting games. Overall, its quite good as an emulator device. The weird thing that the charging method is strange because its not done rhought the usb port. The main problem is the battery went out on mine in a few months.

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    An old huge screen and a very old Android OS… good for big old hands, definitely not for kids… usable but outdated at most. Damn I saw the PAP K again haha..Thanks for the vid and happy holidays!

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    I bought this not that long ago for under a fifth of the price of the ali express link.. So now you know why I bought it ?
    Honesty I thought it was great at first, despite running android 4 it still ran many latest emulators, and even runs most Dreamcast games very well (Redream cannot install though as it needs opengl 3.1) but reicast works ok.
    The screen is nice and big, plenty bright and good resolution, sound was good too and I thought also went loud enough.
    Unfortunately JXD devices can lack a little in quality control and one of my ribbon cables worked its way loose so even though the screen lights up the touch function doesnt work now so severely limiting its use.
    Ive since moved on an instead use a tablet with bluetooth telescopic controller but I always still prefer all in one units with controls built in so Ive also ordered a PocketGo 2.??
    Nice vid as usual though Wicked ?

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    The Chinese and Taiwanese actually make pretty good and impressive PC and Android games in their own right. I hope someday they come out with their own consoles too

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    Had the JXD s7800b a couple of years ago. It came in a branded package with a soldier on it, not this totally random "tablet" package. Strange. It was a very good device back then. And lets not forget the very naughty Happy Chick App…

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    it is good my six year old neicce has one she loves it she plays breath of the wild she also plays double dragon 2 on it and adventure island on and the games never lag

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    I got that for Christmas 4 or 5 years ago it was my favorite handheld until it stopped turning on wish I knew how to fix it very nice analog sticks for n64 game's especially cause it feels like a dual axis analog like the n64 controller

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    had one back when it 1st came out and loved it. too bad it was cheaply constructed. dropped it by accident from not even 4ft and it shattered like legos. wasnt a fan of how the sticks would spin when using. also no l3 r3 on the sticks either

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    Today I got a shipment from China and the box was in a really bad condition. I tossed it on the table and said.. Package from China. Just like in your videos. Had a good laugh.

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    Nice, alway was interested in one of these back then. They need to refresh this line with something more powerful. Maybe change the pie shaped buttons to round ones, and if the d-pads isn't on a pivot, change it to it. Do you feel like you could accidentally press the edge volume and other buttons by mistake?

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    Do not buy! No one in China is refurbishing anything…they are selling returns as new. These things were great but they are OLD.

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