Humble Package: PC and Android 10

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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10 contains seven amazing games ready to play on four platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Pay what you want in the music-based action game Symphony, the creative adventure a Draw a Stickman: EPIC and the cool strategy game Galcon Legends, which also comes with a fast-paced bonus ….


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    >how dare you not lick every bundle's feet? Praise Humble. Humble is love; Humble is life.

    Jesus, people. If others don't like the games in this bundle as much, there's nothing wrong with them saying so. Sure, it's fair to go easier on them, considering the thing is pwyw with $5.00 tier games, but it's unfair to act like people are entitled asses when they have legitimate concerns about quality.

    Personally, I see the whole bundle as worth it for just Frozen Synapse, but I'm not bitching about people having other not worshiping it.

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    Symphony doesn't seem to work on my tablet, it just closes as soon as I click on it to play it : that was the one I was looking forward to the most.

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    Why is it that anyone who dares to critique the bundles is instantly shot down and mocked by making it seem they want AAA titles in every bundle and that they feel entitled?

    I mean, this bundle is decent, but come on. If people don't like it, can we please just let them express their opinion without being insulted and trying to make them look like unappreciative spoiled brats?

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    Worth getting for Metal Slug 3 alone. For you kiddies out there that's a really cool game you unlucky sons of bitches never got to play in the arcade.

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    Is there any good game in this bundle? I mean from the introduction video I think not, but I heard people saying good things about Metal Slug, but from the video it looks sooooo… for kids? Is it any good? I am serious btw I don't know any of those games lol

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    Humble you're finally back on track 😀  Bought this bundle without a moments hesitation. Much better than the daily bundles you've been putting out.

    Metal Slug FTW!

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    Some people just disgust me. I don't get angry easily, but these entitled fucking brats whining because they don't like some games in a bundle designed to support charity really tick me off.

    If you don't like the games and don't like the company, there's an easy solution; don't buy the bundle, don't watch their videos, and get you selfish ass out of decent folks' business.

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    I don't understand all the hate honestly. You are getting up to 8 steam games (and a few more come next Tuesday) for only a few bucks. not only is it a great bargain, but also it is supporting charity. sure, your not getting watch_dogs but you are still getting over $80 worth of games for whatever price you want. also, it isn't like your getting bad games, the games are actually decent from what i have heard. if you don't like the bundle or just hate supporting charity then don't buy it. no need whine like a 3 year old in the comments

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    very nice bundle!, I cant believe some of the comments saying its terrible. all the new buyers that came after the THQ bundle and ORIGIN bundle really annoy me.

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    This is for CHARITY. It's not meant to give you the games you want literaly "for free". So get over it and stop hating Humble Bundle. If you want AAA games get them on steam and pay for them.

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    Get ready for people who exspected, Bf4, Gtav pc version, Half life 3 and watchdogs in one bundle. FUCK YOU UNGRATEFUL FUCKS, YOU PAY 1 FUCKING DOLLAR AND U STILL CRY.

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