Hyundai Radio Santa Fe installed

In this installation, we replaced the OEM radio located in Santa Fe in 2007 with Seicane's dual debt system. This unit includes Bluetooth, dual USB input, steering wheel controls, DVD / CD player, HDMI video output, navigation, and full access to the app store to download applications.
The head unit can be purchased here: * 9 "updated touch screen …


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    I wont buy from Seicane again. The unit didn't fit the car they said it would, (Hyundai Sante Fe RHD) and I had to pay Aus$80 for return shipping. I'd recommend Eonon instead.

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    Hi, thanks for the video ! That’s great.
    Where can I purchase the wiring between the old connector and the new connector (on website) ? Thank you in advance

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    Great video!! but Im finding that the unit lights power on but Im not getting anything to display. Almost seems like the unit is not getting enough power. Does the cable that was powering the dashboard clock also need to be plugged into the new unit? I know the main power and speaker cables go in and the radio but as far as that goes I feel like Im missing something. (btw the air bag light is now on.) . thoughts? Thank you!

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    This is an awesome video. I just was wondering if this was possible and here's a video to show me how. Thanks man.

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    Can I install Android 9.0 Car Radio 2 Din GPS Navi for Hyundai Santa Fe 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 PX6 DSP HD IPS 4Gb+64Gb RDS WIFI BT HDMI
    In my Santa Fe 2010

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    Good night! Could you tell me about installing the multimedia for holy faith, I would like to know which cabling the sound whip (music change volume and mute) and intended for steering control control (cable colors)? thank you.

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    perfect job man ! thanks ..

    but i have 3 questions :

    1- does the quality of sound and bass still the same as the original sterio ?

    2- does all steering wheel buttons work properly ?

    have you had electrical problems afterwards?

    thanks for answering …

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    Hello, Thankyou for good job you do! I happen to have model 09 sanda fe, just don't know how to install the steering wheel wiring control , where they connect with, and the back camera also, they a bit different with model 07. Do you how it can install? Thankyou!

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    I made the mistake of buying from this company and ended up getting a used unit that someone else had paired their phone with and downloaded maps to, and it seems that they massively overheated it as well as it smells like burned electronics (and still does weeks later). I had to fix the touch screen calibration myself because it was way off and it also had illegal software installed on it. In going back and forth with support they want me to spend over $100 to ship it back to them so they can "look into" replacing it. It also doesn't work with any of my steering wheel controls in my Smart 453 and the mounting bracket doesn't work properly with the silver backing piece for the stereo mount because there are connectors in the way of it so I had to mount it without the extra backing piece. Oh yes, it also doesn't provide enough USB power to reliably run the USB carplay unit if you also have a thumb drive attached to it and it didn't come with the latest software for it (which was difficult to find). This all feels a lot like a scam to me so buyers beware.

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