ImageView Circular Library Android studio tutorial

Hi guys,
I also asked how to change any rectangular image to a circular image, I did this simple tutorial that shows you how to do it using the CircularImageView library
This open source library was created by hdodenhof, so thanks to it for making it much easier and available to everyone

GitHub Link: …


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    have any third party library you want me to make a video on ?
    please let me know and thanks for all support <3

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    Your videos are good but man there are less information and too long.
    For ex your firebase tutorials you can easily make them short to 8 mins while adding info about how code is working but now they are as long as 15-30 mins.
    And i am expecting more videos on firebase like creating database of specific user and retrieving them on login.
    Good luck. All Love

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    Your videos are awesome, Please upload daily videos, please make a WhatsApp stickers generator app, aur some trending apps toturials, which help USS to generate some revenew, because after admob update my earning from apps going to zero,

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    I want progammer android apps and game 2D and 3D ..i learn java and android studio but android studio not progammer game …so i say go to xamrian and unity… Plz you should me im confused

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    yes this is what i need. Thanks a bunch!! btw out of the topic question, in google maps, in your custom marker, Is it posible to click on your marker and have some another linear layout? I tried this using setonclicklistener, but it won't show the marker and the maps, but it can show another actiivtiy.

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    Hello! Brother
    If possible make an E commerce project with your amazing design sense.
    I'm really looking forward to it.
    Thank you 🙂
    Well Wishes

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    Zooming ImageView of three imgs with recyclerview (grid layout ) or 'com.github.chrisbanes:PhotoView:2.1.3' for corner radius ImageView .

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