Immersive mode with Gesture Navigation – Android development styles

In this video, check how overwhelming behavior changes with gesture navigation.

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    The back gesture is the worst thing Google has ever done in Android. The fact that there has to be such careful design to avoid conflicts is telling. I hate that slide in menus are useless with the back gesture present. (Yes, I know the workarounds, and they're terrible.) I've had so many accidental navigations, it's frustrating. Had to turn them off. Terrible UI.

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    Can anybody help me with this?
    Need a DNS Changer App for 3g/4g data connection on Android with the following Specifications –

    1) The app should be running in background continuously as long as we manually do not open the app and press on stop dns changer or turn off button. (App shouldn't stop working when recent app is closed, or even when phone is rebooted ) 

    2) When phone is switched on after power off, DNS Changer should turn on automatically.

    3) App should be password protected , when app is opened it must ask password to stop or turn off dns changer.

    4) User should not be able to delete app or force stop from settings unless and untill he does not enter password of app.

    5) App should not require root permission

    6) Any other DNS Changer app should not be able to change the DNS address of the phone

    In general the app should be just like clock, calender apps which run continuously + additional feature of password protection to delete or stop the app.

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    Why didn’t you guys make the gesture navigation background transparent everywhere (like the android 10 promotional content). This would be at least possible in your own apps.

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    Imersive is cool but there are thing that will conflict with it unexpectedly. By example an alert will exit immersive mode. Which it does make sense because immersive is for wide content like movies, reading or games but what if your app need more screen for content… then immersive is useful until you hit the wall with those kind of things

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