Is this rugged tiny android better than mini iphone?

IPhone 1 inch is present!
Is the Atom Rugged mini smartphone better than the Mini iPhone!?! I uninstall and review Atom, Unihertz's Kickstarter project, claims to be the most amazing and enduring smartphone in the world !! I experienced this with just a few drop tests and we ended up driving …


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    GOT MINE!!!!!! ???LUV IT! buy on amazon, get amazon fulfillment 2 days prime. all accessories on amazon too. 16 days from china…wanted to use paypal credit, so I had to buy off Nova deal shop, all same price. hate big bulky smart phones, not a phone-head, needed email, calling, and Paypal here app….thats it. got belt clip for it….awesome soft rubber sleeve. no zero about smart phones, and even got my wifi going in which I run my data plan (unlimited) thru tomy tv and laptop internet. PHONE IS SOO COOL, LIGHT AND EZ TO HAVE. I hate smart phones, but need one for business. this is my everyday carry phone, and carry knives and a flashlight thats heavier and larger. get one, its crazy cool. (unlike this spazzy dude)

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