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    Will you be able to import charcters from one device to another? Because I have it on my phone and if you can import I'll get it on pc.

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    Hey Guys can you answer me a question pleaseeee? I have the android version 1.3.3 And i noticed it doesn't includes the arena mode? Do i have to unlock it first or it's some kind of bug? By The Way NICE GAME I have 669 Days (In-game)

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    I got the game 3 days ago… basically, you play the DM and the players/characters; you get quests to gain XP and money to buy better gear and furniture for your 'game room' which gives you passive bonuses and travel the world map for new locations and quests.

    Unless it's a random encounter, you choose which enemies compose the enemy group from available mobs from that area. And your characters are created from a player 'type' and a character 'class'.

    Pretty awesome for a 1$ game.

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