Kospet Optimus Pro Android Watch – How smart?

Kospet Optimus Pro intends to be a fully featured and functional Android smart watch at a fraction of the price of its branded competitors. In this video, we'll check out some of the key features and benefits that this smartwatch has to offer and see if this is something you should think about.

Kospet Optimus Pro (lowest price)
Kospet Optimus Pro (lowest next price) …


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    I have a Moto 360, which I got on sale several years ago for $150. I really like it for quick glances at texts, and emails. I wonder how this would compare?

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    It’s funny to me that smart watches will forever be associated with Dick Tracy. Thanks for doing this review, I was actually looking at one of these before Xmas. I wanted it mostly as a music player, but seeing all the other features makes it more appealing.

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    I recently got the fossil hybrid watch. It's great. It has a 2 week battery life, fitness tracking, weather (in C or F), and a heart rate monitor. And it costs less than $200.

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