Last Day in Earth Game – Zombie Hurd? – (iOS / Android) – # 2

Last Day in Earth Game – Zombie Hurd? – (iOS / Android) – # 2

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    So just let them raze me house? I have a zombie horde on the way in 16 hours. There seems to be no point in upgrading since I’ve only begun the basic set up of the house. What about the goods tho? Will the storage boxes hold up?

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    My wall is max liek can they break that? Im protecting my puppy i got a shut gun and armor and even put spikes in my dogs house and those players wonna get my armor and gun they just punch me spear me i just hit them with a skull crusher

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    I have a question (I just started playing this game lol) so…I have two puppies and I'm wondering…can someone/something kill them? I mean ugh idk lol
    (I had 3 but someone killed me and blah blah and now I have 2)

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