Leaked Official Samsung Android 4.1.2 ROM with ROOT for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!

The following is the official version leaked from Samsung Android 4.1.2 ROM (XXLSJ) using the injector root, you can flash ODIN or Mobile ODIN Pro.

Download and Details:

Check the week application here:

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    my GS2 was 2.3.6 i have had it since it was out. but a few days ago it got ruined and i requested for a new 1. when i got it it was version 4.1.2

    but my question is that i cant seem to find the task manager where you close the running apps. does it even have1????? help me on this plz.

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    Very easy to install with the Mobile Odin Pro app, if you don´t know how to use odin on your pc.

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    so when the 4.1.2 gets officially released for the s2, will we get photo sphere and the new Google now search? Also will Samsung get with the times and finally allow you to preview widgets from the app draw , like other phones have been able to do now for like 10 months?

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    Do you have a nandroid backup of the old ROM? If so, do this:
    1. Create nandroid of current ROM
    2. Restore nandroid of previous ROM
    3. Download SMS backup from play store, backup all text messages
    4. Restore nandroid of the 4.1.2 ROM
    5. Download SMS backup and restore texts

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    my phone show 'sim network unlock pin" at starting…what should I do?
    What can I do? i tried to unlock ,but I can't, went back to CM10 . and in cyanogen the unocker app is worked , I have again network. but I want these new official samsung rom.

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    Hi, I flashed this rom on my sgs2, having resurrection remix installed before flashing. After flashing I got a strange query for unlocking my sim card. It appears after entering pin, but it doesn’t accept pin, so I click ‘skip’. Then there I get a notification ‘No service’ and network doesn’t work at all. Choosing network manually in network settings didn’t work please, help

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    One note of advice to all – When on ICS 4.0.4, boot into CWM and make a nandroid backup. This way, even if you're unsatisfied with the JellyBean ROMs, you can just boot into CWM and restore the Nandroid backup you made earlier and be back on ICS 4.0.4 🙂

    Also, Titanium Backup is a Rooted Android phone's best friend!

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    There is a slim chance that this has the ROM control like the ResurrectionRemix because this is based on an official Samsung release while Resurrection is an AOKP ROM 🙂

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    Hi everybody,
    I am curious about the battery how long doest it last after the update to 4.1.2 ? And can I downgrade to 4.0.4 later if i am not satisfied about the battery life?

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    This is truly amazing! I strongly recommend ppl to upgrade ur s2 with this rom. why should ppl buy s3 if we can make s2 exactly like s3?
    Samsung did a really good job. This is the best upgrade and optimization by samsung

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    dude, this is not for tmobile s2… samsung has done really really good job for this upgrade. when the official jellybean is released for tmobile version, you will be surprised how s2 can be exactly like s3.
    For the battery, it takes about an week to be optimized for the new rom.

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    and all the help and tutorials wouldn't work, yes thats right wouldn't work, and yes it is straight forward etc….. but the straight forward tutorials etc.. just didnt work and my phone ended up bricked, for a few days , i did manage to fix it, but it was stressful and not worth it, so again dont flash this rom.

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    i flashed this rom, i origianly had ics 4.0.4, and my cell was from tmobile uk, i had it unlocked, etc… but once i flashed this, i lost my unlock, phone was locked again, also, it was a pain in the arse to downgrade, i downgraded because this leak was laggy, kept losing signal etc.. wifi, battery sucked,
    but it was an interesting experience, i wouldnt recomend, flashing this rom on your galaxy s2, if you are a newbie, no no no, as again it took me over a week

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    Just flash the stock ICS rom through odin, after you done that you just root your phone with the siyah kernel. then you should be able to boot into recovery and install cm10.

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