Let's look at: Highborn! [PC/iOS/Android]

Highborn is XCOM meets Skulls of the Shogun, now on Steam. Check out my ideas on this turn-based strategy game!

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    Well, I don't miss MGR:R, but didn't he also say while it was still broken before from the move that he would continue Spelunky? and that came back for an episode or two, then left again.

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    Ok, I think I need to clear something up here. Ryan's HD PVR broke and can't record any Xbox stuff. That's also the reason for the lapse of MGR:R content

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    yes there is a princes bride reference in the flame spouts teleporting sand and W.O.R.Ms quite amusing if you've watched the movie

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    "He compares with what he knows." Which is apparently, not a lot of games, if he suggests that this is like X-Com in any meaningful way.

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    That was entirely a princess bride reference, flame spouts and rodents of unusual size/worms of remarkable mass? (P.S. I don't think those exist)

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    You expect him to play another game just so he can make a comparison to this one? He compares with what he knows. And with what little time he probably has for personal game playing, I doubt he wants to be playing some niche games just so he can appear smarter in front of the 3 people who care about it.

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