Let's make eroge games (18+) android (exagear) (exagear build normal)

Call me on my dispute account If I encounter a problem, my dispute ID is VN # 4799

What is the matter !!!
I got no game recommendation just comment below ,, ،
So the visual novel for today is the game of making eroge

For more tips and tricks visual novels join this server –

And don't forget to read Kane's channel for compelling and fanatic visuals …


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    exagear : cannot convert given narrow string to wide string, data could be corrupted or encrypted or wrong text encoding.
    maybe you need xp3filter.tjs if data is encrypted, or use patch.tjs to specify correct encoding if text is not encoded in SHIFT-TJS

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    Good channel, i have take a lot of time to find u, I hope u made more visual novel (and eroge 🙂 ) for android. Good luck

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