Let's stick to three exams

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    Hi, guys! Thanks for tuning in! For some reason, I had a lot of exams the week before finals, so I thought I would vlog my journey of cramming for those. I have 5 finals this upcoming week, so there's gonna be another finals week vlog coming up soon! Thanks for so much love on my past exam week vlogs 🙂

    안녕하세요, 여러분! 왜 그렇게 됐는지는 모르겠지만 이번 학기에는 기말고사 시험기간 전에도 시험이 많더라고요. 다 몰아서 보게 됐는데 진짜 힘드네요. 다음주에 기말시험 5개 쳐야돼서 기말 시험기간 브이로그도 기대해 주세요! 제 시험기간 영상들을 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다 ㅎㅎ

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    I used to study whole night for my economy paper. Everything went right until i got a major headache during the exam cos lack of sleep. So, i cant think of anything. End up sleep on the exam hall and messed up the paper ? thank God i got B eventhough i didnt finish 2 whole questions. My carrymark helped me a lot.

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    hey yoora what camera and lens do you use? I really like that it’s a wide lens but the image is not too distorted. And would love to see a what’s in my bag video.
    You are my favorite youtuber ??‍♀️

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    Is the medical line difficult ?? Like that difficult cuz like i kinda wanna be a psychiatrist and for that I'll have to take the science stream but everyone keeps on saying it's really difficult

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    Me: has 2 exams tomorrow You know what im actually going to study today
    Also me at 12 am: watches people being productive and realizes that i havent started studying
    The next day: literally looks like i havent slept in years and have no more brain cells left to help me in the exam

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    I always wanted to ask this, but how do you find the energy to Vlog while you need to study for exams? And also not get stressed out?

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    유라님은 한국 예능이랑 드라마를 즐겨보시는 거 같아요! 미국 예능은 재미 없나욧..? 아니면 단지 한국개그가 코드에 맞는 건가요?

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    Finally, there is a new vid here. Oh dear, I miss my idol too much!!! I have just recognized that you are much more beautiful than the last vid, doesn't it??? ❤️❤️❤️

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