LG G7 has a big problem.

LG G7 has the release date of May 2. Specifications come very soon, but first – LG G7 faces a very big problem …

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    i have to many years using lg , lg2, lg 4, lg 5 ,and now lg lg q7 plus and as been have problems with all this phones some with audio some with low voulmen an now lg q 7 plus is turning off every 30 minutes ? i think is time to changue to iphone or motorola?

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    Used to love the phone…overtime I've started to feel meh about it. My boyfriend fried the battery by leaving it on charge when I was in hospital for a week

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    Best sound in a Smartphone. The Hi-Fi Quad DAC is awesome. Off course with good headphones. And the Boom box is awesome too, so…if you love music, this is the phone.

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    More importent : Have LG fixed the "Sudden death" issue on all V -models, have LG fixed battey drain issues?, have LG fixed the bootloop problems,have LG fixed overheating issues ? The whole internet is littered with bad experience with LG phones,like you never seen before….

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    Worst video from u Aaron i love your content and sense of judgement but this is ridiculous and pathetic video, That Notch and Name has nothing to do with the phone performance and other features so its a lame video just to get views, kindly focus on major things try to make things simple.

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    I don't really see anything that you discussed in this video as being a big problem. What we also don't need are videos like this, that try to make big issues out of non-issues, which don't matter to most people who just want a good reliable phone. And the AI issue you bring up, another non-issue to most people. So many people have become crybabies when it comes to notches, bezels, and making a big deal out of too much crap. You talk about these issues with the G7 and you try to make it seem like these matter. Yes I know the G7 camera is not as good as Pixel, or some of the high end Huawei phones, but for most consumers who just want a reliable phone at a decent price, LG is a good option.

    And for anyone who wants to say that LG phones have bootloop isues, yes, I had the LG G4, and yes it bootlooped after 16 months of use, but that was the only LG phone out of 4 LG's that I have owned that had bootloop issue.

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    i had lg 1 -lg -2 lg-5 and now lg q7 plus and all this phones have problems of no sound and now i dont know if this video have sound not !!!

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    I think the notch is not bad. If you don't like it you can turn off the second screen next to the notch. In the settings there is an option for it. So Mrwhosettheboss calm down and stay on your ass. The g7 is a very very good phone.

  9. A


    yes you are a nice gay boy… you don't have to clear it up with your hands 🙂 hugz

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    The G7 thinq trumps 95% of phones out there as of this date. People need to stop go online and compare the actual hardware specs, i think you will be shocked at the power of this phone for the price.

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