LIBGDX – Part 1 – Let's Make Graviton (Android, iOS, PC) – Get Inputs from Android and Computer

In this part, we start off with a fast-made puzzle game that I initially order Graviton.

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    EXCUSEME,I have a problem run: error:diamond operator is not supported in -source 1.6 (use -source 7 or higher….) how jnow my version source and how migrate to source 7?

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    Just a question. Have you ever tried cocos2d-x for a project? I wanted to switch, because I don't like the idea of converting Java into code for iOS and cocos2d-x is C++, so it doesn't need any converting. The main stopper for me is Microsoft buying roboVM and the canceling of the project, so libgdx needed something new. This can't be happened for cocos2d-x. Any thoughts about that?

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