Libretro Cores Quick Look – Flycast Dreamcast emulator – Vulkan renderer! (Windows / Linux / Android)

Watch here the basic Dreamcast emulator Flycast that plays many games on #RetroArch with the new Vulkan Viewer. Vulkan support is currently available for Windows, Linux and Android.

Yes, alpha-per-pixel transparency also works on Android, but it has limited memory bandwidth. It has been tested on Mali G76 (Samsung Galaxy S10) – and runs reasonably in 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 ….


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    Great! but now I need a software recorder with Vulkan support similar to FRAPS (in terms of quality / .avi for direct stream > virtualdub), any suggestion? saludos!

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    Hi , can someone help me pls , when i set the vulkan render for flycast core and run a game , i can hear the sound but nothing shows up, however retroarch its on the taskbar like running in the background. When i switch to opengl again , everything goes back to normal , my specs: R9 380 , ryzen 5 1600 , 16 gb ram , drivers updated

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    amazing! the only problem i have with vulkan is that messes up the snow effect in the menu for some reason, not a big problem though.

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    Flyinghead is amazing. Every time he adds something new, I'm just blown away. Tried this on virtual tennis, a game I could not run at 60fps and now it runs like a champ!

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