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    Can you help me ? Im looking for a game like this game but is about a little girl in a strange planet with i think there are monsters and is always raining. You cant see her face but in a cutscene she is sitting in a cave with fire and that is when you can see her face.

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    alright kids if you like this game and you want to play it then i'll teach you how i mean technically you can just buy it from steam but i have a better way
    So first download discord on your computer
    Second buy nitro for a month or the full year your choose
    Third open the games section then enjoy not just limbo you can play alot of games with just 10$ just quite a bit but it's worth. 😉
    I totally wasn't advertising there ;).
    Edit: please dont hate me 🙁

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    Wow so cool! LIMBO was my favourite horror-game ever lol. It was more interesting to play, and I thought if I play LIMBO at midnight for fun lol (actually no haha). Too bad at tomorrow I will have my 2nd exam so I may don't have my free time to watch your gameplay walkthrough video, sorry about that, since I've not watched your video for 2 days again because of a bit busy. That's ok, but otherwise your gameplay walkthrough was very great job and I loved it! I love to see more LIMBO gameplay walkthrough videos. Everything to say thank you so much for playing, have a great time on Sunday to you and keep up your great work for making more awesome gameplay walkthrough videos that I loved so much

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    I saw someone who played this on the pc but not the mobile version of this game so it's a first,my opinion on this gameplay is:I think that this gameplay is better because the other guy died a bit too much

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