[Linux] Android acquisition with ADB, root, netcat, DD

In this video, we acquire an Android smartphone (Samsung Note II) that uses Android Debug Bridge (ADB), netcat, and dd using the Linux forensic workstation. My system is Ubuntu linux. On the Forensic Workstation, you will need to install ADB and netcat.

Android developer:
KingoRoot: …


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    Hey, thanks for this video, it helped me alot with my final year project at university. My project was an android mobile forensics project. I am just wondering, will this work for a newer version of android such as 6.0 marshmallow?, as I want to try the experiment again only with a newer phone.

    Thank you

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    can i recover android phone data using linux? cus i have problem with my brother phone, he's passed away 2 month's ago and his phone locked with fingerpint. my parent's want me to unlock the phone cus they want to see my brother data, and then i tried to unlock the phone but ended up with formatting it, lol.

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    I'm a N00b but haven't had this much fun with computers since I bought a Commodore64 in 1985 with money I saved being a caddy all summer..when I was 12. I feel like a kid again. It's great!

    Since I'm "the computer guy" people give me old electronics all the time and the pile of mystery cellphones has been getting shuffled around long enough. "The Price is Right" hole punch game style I reached into the box and got…

    "OK," I told myself, "don't lose any of the data, try to be as kid-gloves / hands off as possible. No network access. Bluetooth and USB only. Keep the device 'as is' and only use Linux."

    The self-imposed rules were 1985. No internet. Just a box and what was on it. I could download software onto the computer because that is like going to the store to buy more software. I could read stuff and watch videos because that's like going to the library.

    Stranger Things / Goonies / Real Genius style.
    (I do own a pair of bunny slippers and so should everyone so say we all)

    I don't know Linux.
    I'm horrible with cell phones.
    Professionally I work with Windows machines and people that have more money than brains.
    I'm bored with my "career".
    I need a good challenge, something to keep me up half the night, and make me feel like a kid again.
    I need a new toy.

    The Device:
    Guest account only accessible. CM Security. PIN. LMY47V The device freezes so crashing the lockscreen works you just can't do anything after because it's frozen/lockedup.
    LOCKED.STOCK. (I really want to make a 2 smoking barrels reference but it's tired and I'm late).

    I. Tried. Everything. (that was free…I'm not going to spend money on something I know I can figure out. I'm stubborn.)

    Spent 2 months trying various "things" to no avail. I read a lot. YouTube'd Clockwork Orange style. Hammer away for 2 or 3 nights, hit a roadblock, try to work around the roadblock. Discover more roadblocks. Re-Start from a beginning, follow a path, rinse repeat. 2 months. Weekends. Every night after work.

    Until one night last week…
    Guzzled liquid courage…
    "You can get it back and work it from THAT angle!" I heard Det. Ronald Nathan Harris tell me.
    Det. Harris is my pet Chameleon.

    Ok fine, i was drunk.

    Wiped the device.
    There is/was 6gb of data I couldn't get at.

    Your video is the one…of the several I watched…yours was the video I followed to get the RAW image. Which I keep on a RAID 1 backup, write protected, in a folder called THE MORGUE.

    Now I'm starting to slice up copies of the body in Santoku.
    Playing with my new toy.
    Staying up way too late.
    Watching your videos.
    Trying to figure this all out.
    Like it's 1985 again.

    It's 3:30am
    I'm 44 going on 13.


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