LONEWOLF Chapter 1-2 (by FDG Mobile Games) – iOS / Android – Walkthrough for play

17+ Not suitable for children! LONEWOLF is an intense game with moral struggles. 1 minute: Your mental noises have subsided. It's only you and your weapon. 2 minutes: You feel the wind, know the distance, and feel the movements of your target 3 minutes: You hear the echo of the shooting … You committed the first killing. Silence. Can you take over? The story unfolds, deeply immersed …


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    At some point of the conversation between mando and midman about that night, midman said in a dialogue that, mando left him to decide fate of the kid. As midman's whereabouts unknown and wolf was always being step ahead of mando's plans i think midman was a snitch. Eagerly waiting for Part 2…….!

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