Madden NFL Mobile – iOS / Android – HD Gameplay Trailer

Madden NFL Mobile by Electronic Arts (iOS / Android)

bubble! Control your friends in an intense shootout. This is MADDEN NFL like you've never seen it on mobile. Gather current and legendary NFL stars, then put them into action on your favorite NFL team. Play throughout the season – we have live events and new challenges to connect you to work anytime, anywhere.

This app ….


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    I remember scoring like 100 points with hb blast with barry sanders. now it theres no season and no actual games

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    Okay if anyone reads my comment please help me. This is my first year I guess playing Madden mobile. So what happens when this Madden mobile ends is their going to be a new app? or this Madden mobile will erase?

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    Why can't they make an NHL game for mobile? >_<

    2K is… still alright, but I feel EA could make a much better hockey game!

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