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    Thanks so much for watching! Let me know how you guys scored on this week's Ranked Mode by commenting your full load-out and score in the comments below!
    00:14 Mario Circuit [16,830]
    | 04:14 Neo Bowser City [13,685] | 08:45 London Loop T [10,352]

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    I’m not sure why it doesn’t let you make that right turn inside the castle each time. Usually it’s not that tough for me but maybe it has to do with the phone you have

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    How do you know if your done with one of those levels without a frenzy character? Also, how do you get all of those special high-end karts, glides, and driver, WITHOUT spending money, the fact that you have Peach (Kimono), Black B Dasher, and Black Circuit?

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    Have you ever thought of stalling out and playing for mushroom frenzies in 8th? I tried this frenzy for this cup and got 47800 with only the gold pass though I do also have Pauline. You should try that strategy though.

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    12,081 – Mario circuit
    7,849 – London Loop T (trashhhhh)
    11,784 – neo bowser city.
    Despite the awful London score still first place in my ranked cup.

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    It's just frustrating how much one has to have luck to get the high scores. I literally had the same Peach combination you had(except my peach is on level2) and I simply can't reach 12.000points. I must've played at least 100 times…

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    This game is to nice to abdallah when it comes to frenzies he gets two coin frenzies on Neo Bowser with a level 2 bowser and I only get with a level 3

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    13,400 Mario Circuit, 8,285 London Loop T & 10,514 Neo Bowser City for 32,199. Surprisingly bad for Me, but Good enough for 5th I got work to do

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    1st in my tier with 43,543. 2nd has 43,287 and he's japanese who are notorious for those last day comebacks. My scores are:
    MC – 15,359 (Peachette Lv 2, Royale Lv 2, Cloud Glider Lv 3)
    LL T – 13,036 (HoliDaisy Lv 1, Ribbon Rider Lv 2, Wario Wing Lv 2 (no tier 3 pull…got HoliDaisy and Ribbon Rider in same 10 pipe fire))
    NBC – 15,148 (Bowser Jr Lv 2, Ghost Ride Lv 2, Wario Wing Lv 2)

    Really hoping the japanese guy gives up in my group, lol

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    How can my guy say he is F2P yet have the beetroot car which is from a season in which he didnt pull and his gold pass trial had expired. And those pink pilots seem to be in too high of a level. I feel sceptic!!!

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    how does the tier system works ? How am I in a group with people with 41k and I'm way worst than Abdallah, in the previous i got 35k, don't know if that counts or is luck, I get that if there is someone who is buying rubies there is not much to do but everybody is in this cup in 35k and I'm 28.

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    I got 13.7k Mario Circuit
    15.2k Neo Boswer
    12k On London (without daisy and pauline i had the top shelf glider from tour 1)

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    I have pulled 45 times and have only had commons and 2 supers….. i have no chance of winning with the try hards in my league 🙁 but im still happy for you 😉 plus i used to get a lot of high end characters earlier in the game from the pipe so i believe nintendo is trying to get me to spunk some money

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    Mario Circuit [16,827] : Peachette Lv.3 [Tier 3], Royale Lv.2 [Tier 3], Cloud Glider Lv.2 [Tier 3]
    London Loop T [14,772] : Shy Guy (Pastry Chef) Lv.1 [Tier 2], Macharon Lv.2 [Tier 3], Fare Flier Lv.4 [Tier 3]
    Neo Bowser City [16,924] : Bowser Lv.3 [Tier 3], Koopa Clown Lv.2 [Tier 3], Wario Wing Lv.3 [Tier 3]

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