Mario Kart Tour – Part 23: F2P Dry Cart and Peachette Cups! | Winter Tour (Android and IOS)

Mario Kart Tour – Part 23 of the free-to-play F2P gaming tour featuring the Dry Dry Cup and Winter Tour's Peachette Cup, collecting all the big stars on Android (and IOS) with a family-friendly comment from Abdullah in HD 1080p 60 fps!
arioMario Kart Tour …


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    29:49 ? still hilarious that a mod timed me out for saying Skinny Todd was my boyfriend hahahah ??‍♀️

    Either way that's cool you pay so much attention to your viewers/commenters to notice and welcome me as well! Rare to see that on YouTube these days ?

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    I got three frenzy’s (mushroom, blooper, coin) on Rainbow Road with Rosalina in Peachette cup and still didn’t get 13k 🙁

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    Hey, I emailed them in the suggestions about adding another level in the shop for like level 40 and higher that offers more high end, I said we can’t afford to buy everything, but it at least gives us options. The next day I got the swooper in my shop and I bought it thinking I’ll never see the COIN GLIDER, then 2 days later (today) I got the coin glider in my shop. Coincidence I don’t know, but it worked for me.

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    I understand where you’re coming from with saying not to buy the rank up tickets and item tickets but there’s people like me that buy them to get challenges done and have coins to spare (like I have 25k coins and I’m not really saving up for anything at the moment) but for people that don’t have a lot of coins and don’t have certain high end items that can appear in the shop, listen to Abdallah ITS NOT WORTH YOUR COINS lol

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    Enjoy the videos they help I’ve been playing without drift and doing a bang up job. Now I’m trying to figure out the drift after watching your streams. Pain in the cup. 2125 1460 0542 my kart ID… if I could just get this drift down I got it going on

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