Mario Kart Tour – Part 27: F2P NEW Holiday Tour Cups! | Holiday Tour (Android and IOS)

Mario Kart Tour – The seventeenth part of the F2P's free-to-play game friendly tour, featuring all the new Holiday Tour cups, gathers all the big stars on Android (and IOS) with Abdullah's family-friendly commentary in HD 1080p 60fps!
arioMario Kart Tour ….


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    your comments about the rainbow road 3ds are hilariously dramatic lol you are king of saying "this is a different game" hence the difference in all the intricacies you claim to miss and think they "failed" at. did they fail or is this a different game? lol

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    Oh btw forgot to mention, Rudolph Yoshi will also come in handy for next week's rank. ( Which I'm guessing is Roselina cups)

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    Abdallah, your justification at 2:26:00 of buying the 2020 glider for just around 2$, together with the chance of pulling it from the pipes is still "F2P/-friendly", is laughable. Besides it's a good offer, if you're paying it is simply not f2p anymore. Why are you trying to neglect that crystal clear fact? Why are you trying to weasel out of it so much?
    If you buy, you will break your own conduct of "not spending any real money for rubies OR items".
    And it's NOT f2p anymore. Period.

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    Im level 31 and i've been farming Bowser since the beginning, when I get the gold ticket I'm gonna have the achievement, at level 32!

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    I had one of the easiest reverse races I couldve asked for. Was in 7th as I hit the 2nd item boxes……..hit a lightning frenzy. Went to 1st before the end of the little open shop area

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    Abdallah I think the New Years Pack is worth it at the end of the day it's just two dollars I make that money doing chores everyday in my house. Also if people say you're not F2P cuz of the purchase it doesn't really matter because it doesn't necessarily make you pay to win because buying something that comes with five rubies won't make a big impact on how well you perform in the game.

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