Mecool M8S PRO S912: Nexus Rom Firmware Installation Guide

All credit goes to developer Magendez on Freaktab

This guide shows you how to install Nexus firmware on your TV set on Mecool M8S Pro S912.

Firmware, USB Amlogic Burn Tool and more info –

Enjoy !

Burn a card …


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    Hi. Can you provide the Link to this (from your Tutorial page… "The first way is to simply download the ZIP update file from the links below and use the Mecool’s M8S Pro stock updater app to install. Simply download the ZIP file and place onto a USB or SD memory device and insert into your M8S, then simply open the updater application and choose install from ZIP. The system will do the rest and install the firmware for you, you do not need to unzip or do anything else…" …. Cannot see any link to this file on ?

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    Hello. I have a question. I updated my device to Nexus latest version, but i still have the tv mod. Icant download every app, what i want. I want to switch to the tablet mod. I have m8s pro. How can i fix this? Thank you.

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    i cant understand , my pc doesnt see device, it doenst any change on usb flashtool program it doenst say connected? Should i any driver or something???

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    Hi…I just ordered it and just found on youtube that it is not rooted by default.Preveously I have no experence with tv box.Can you please tell me 1.Should I root before flash this rom ? Or I can directly update to Nexus rom out of the box?
    2. If I need to root before…is there any video how to root and install twrp ? 3.Does the rooting procedure same for all boxes with same processor ?

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