Mi Box S with Android TV feature full review

Mi Box S is the latest Android TV from Xiaomi. This box provides full power to Android TV devices in 4K with HDR, voice control and much more!

Get the Mi Box S here:

Asus gamepad for android:

Time stamps:
00:08 Google TV History
01:57 inside the box
04:19 setting
05:11 Navigation menu
06:39 Resolution
07:26 content available
08:15 …


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    Great informative review but what about LONG TERM use of the Mi Box. Some cheaper boxes have problem safter a few months and need to be reloaded or reprogrammed. This is very important. Why buy something if it is going to go bad on you after a period of time? Thanks

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    Saying Nexus player wasn't able to pick up to the latest apps is an understatement, the last software update left it unusable, all apps start crashing while playing video and the only way to fix it for a while is to manually restart the device, and of course now there is no more support for it so it became garbage.

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    I have an LG LED TV, can I add this MI remote as a remote that control the TV too?? open/close/vol+- and so..

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    You can install Prime Video no problem. I'm watching it and I didn't install Android Pie either. There's another video for how to do this by haveatechday

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    Brett – if i have a Nest Hello…can i tell my Nest Mini to show me the front door and it will show me the view from my Nest Hello on the tv using the Mi Box as the conduit to do so? Is that correct? Thanks and thanks for the thorough videos that you make.

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    Hi Brett,
    I’ve Got tons of Music, pictures, videos and films on my Windows pc. Does mi box have some kind of file manager so I Can browse the folders and Select something to show or play on my tv using the mi box?
    Kind regards and thanks for your very god StuffIt on YouTube

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    Does it have some kind of auto standby feature when it turns itself off after some time? Is there some bugs like a need to reboot it every once in a while while apps get frozen or something?

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    Thanks for your detailed presentation. I have successfully connected and setup the Mi Box (Telebee version) but find that when I access the Play Store I seem to get a very limited range of apps to download….for example there is a client for the well-known web conferencing app called ZOOM which I cannot find…..when I search for other apps I get a very limited selection. I am using the same Google account from all my devices. I am missing something?

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    Hi! Can I cast something from my phone when the Mi Box is turned off? Or If I say to my Google home mini: "Hey Google, play Friends on Netflix" will it turn on the Mi Box and start playing? Because I read somewhere that the cast function isn't available when the Mi Box is turned off, and the Mi Box doesn't show up as a casting device on your phone.

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    Since downloads via Puffin are no longer supported on the Mibox and since Downloader is not available on the Mibox version of the Playstore I guess no more apks on the Mibox.

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    I saw your video and bought one, to test it myself. For me it was a disappointment because it does not work well with 4K resolution as advertised. I like the idea but it is not an alternative to a Chromecast Ultra, unfortunately.

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