Mobile injustice: December 26, 2019 weekly summary of events and glitches (Android)

Playlist for all current glitches:

From one of the viewers who requested to remain without a name: Hacking Fault:
"For those who are having trouble glitching the time zone, instead of closing and reopening the app, just click on an online battle and then go back to the main screen. It works like magic"

By Dragons952 Re: Free Energy ….


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    Hey, I would like to report that it IS possible to reset the challenge in ios edition currently. Sign-out then delete the app. Redownload the app but before you open it manually change the date in settings. I don’t know how far back u need to change it but I changed it to November 22 2019 and it worked. Sign in again and open online battles. Start a match but don’t finish it. Switch the app off then reset time to normal. Reopen app. Can confirm it works, tried it literally just now (although it sucks that my internet is terrible and redownload took three hours).

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    Ummm i was awake until 2am just to get my online rewards but it glitched a bit and it said you will get the rewards later and I still haven’t gotten it
    Do you guys know about it???

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    Hi can anyone help me :
    I’m using an account that my friend gave to me and it has some cool stuff (to me) and I would like to play multiplayer. But the problem is my friend alr made a wbid account and played a few times before accidentally logging out of his wbid acc before givingthus I cannot play multiplayer as it is alr linked to the the player profile. Can anyone tell me will I lose all my characters if I register with a new account or will I be able to keep everything and be able to play multiplayer under a new profile. Pls help thanks. p.s love your videos too just found this channel and you got a new sub!

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    I still have yet to receive my season rewards 🙁 . I put in a request with their support team but no reply for around a day now, any suggestions?

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