Morvette: Switch Review (also on PS4, Steam, Android)

Regularly $ 14.99, Morphite is definitely a rough diamond, instead of a diamond in the rough. But although you need a lot of polishing operations in some areas, the biggest flaw in their expectations. Morphite is an informal and purposeful exploration game, but it certainly isn't an action game. There is a wealth of weapons and bombs, but contrary to popular belief, they are used more …


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    I played the demo on the Android for a few. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but it was very limited and just made me want to play something more substantive. I eventually found Starlink which had a hefty discount on the eShop for black Friday and that's pretty much what morphite would be like if it was more Halo or Metroid-ish. Now, as of this text, morphite is only $3 on the eShop and I paid nearly $50 for Starlink and all but one of its DLC (I was getting 67% off on this game as it was, which is crazy, but the game was meant to be an interactive toy type game), so there is quite a price difference. However, morphite at its regular price if $15 just isn't worth it to me. I'm glad this review came along to resolve some concerns I had. I'd rather just play Starlink, even though I totally dig the visuals for morphite, and save $3.

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    Dude. I swear you a fucking mind reader!! Again I was just debating on getting this one since it’s on sale for $3! And you come and save the day n help me decide. Thanks bro great review.

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    That's a while you didn't review a game I already played, but at least I can give my opinion. ? I bought this game 6 months after its release date so I payed it much more than 3$. If I remember well it was 12€ and I regret buying it at this price. ? I though it was a game for me, with a lot of exploration and not a lot of action. But to be honest I got bored. The exploration and scanning part become repetitive. And the controls are really not good. You're are constantly changing from the scanner to your weapons and it isn't intuitive to do so. You mentionned this in your critics and I totally agree with you. To summarize, it's one of the few games I didn't finished on Switch. ?

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    Not my cup of tea, because I just don't have so much time anymore, but looks nice. BTW, why people keep comparing low-poli games to ps1? I wouldn't. Low-poli is actually a kind of a new trend, and not everything is made to look 32-bit-ish. I would maybe compare to maybe early 90's pc games, just maybe. But many of these so called "retro-games" actually add effects or mechanics that were impossible at that time…

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    I grabbed this on sale a long time ago. Big disappointment, in my opinion. The control scheme ruined it for me. As well as the enemy/creature AI.
    I recently picked up Starlink: Battle for Atlas at a discount price. It’s much more like No Mans Sky, if you ask me. I’m loving the exploration in that one. Totally ignoring the main quests.
    Take care everybody!

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    I paid $2.99 for this so I’m not upset, but I definitely am disappointed, doesn’t seem like I’ll be too into it. Great review though, wish I would’ve waited, guess I’ll go follow you on Twitter now that I recreated one haha

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    I bought this game a few days ago for $3 and haven't played it yet. Sounds like I made a good purchase because I'm very much so in that small demographic. ?

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    Very good review.
    Maybe after a patch. BTW Blossom Tale gets physical release with Limited Run Games this week or next.

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    $15 for a free Android game? I don't know who's coming up with the pricing for these mobile ports but they need to stop smoking.

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    I've been waiting on this review lol. This one has sat on my wishlist, and I just haven't pulled the trigger. You definitely confirmed my fears. Still a great concept just not for me

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    I tried the demo of this game a while back and it instantly reminded me of No Man's Sky or the good old Starflight in its exploration and the scanning of species. My main problem with the game being on the Switch lies in the first-person gameplay, which I never could get the hang of with a controller. So yeah, great to know that it's also out on PC (Steam), so I can try it out properly with keyboard and mouse. Thank you for the video! 🙂

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    "Welcome back to the Budget Gamer channel where we bring you critical and in-depth reviews on just about every indie game we can get our hands on, and today we're going to be taking a look at Morphite for the Nintendo Switch." 🙂

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