MXQ S805 using TWRP to install Android and LibreELEC Firmware Upgrade

Other videos for LibreELEC installation are available directly to NAND – I advise you first to run dual –

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How to use TWRP on MXX S805 TV Box – this recovery will take place …


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    Yes can yo help me with this when I go reinstall it download to setting but it stop can you please help me I got a kingpintvbox 4k what can I do please help me thankyou

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    My first TV box had 1 ram and 8 rom but I got a lot of good entertainment out of it. Now I have a tanix tx92 with 3G ram and 64G rom. They all have their issues my tanix sometimes freezes. I'm going to take it apart and put a better heatsink on the processor that will cure the problem.

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    Hi, I put the twrp image file on sd card and have already putted sd card on box and when i puch reset button and after plugging power it doesn't goes to twrp it goes to normal recovery mode, and i have already tried to install throgh zip file but installation was aborted "SIgnature verification was failed" Please help.

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    hello that link to download files dosent work ? i Got s805 Box
    My MXQ Box just got blue light and nothing coming on display not even a Logo
    its could be a Firmware fault isnt? just need Help please

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    When using TWRP to create backup, I had two alerts.
    E: Unable to find partition size for '/bootloader'
    E: Unable to find partition size for '/ubootenv'
    Boot, System and Data all appear to backup OK, and create MD5. I get "Updating partition details… done" and [BACKUP COMPLETED in xxx SECONDS] entries with no errors shown, and the 'heading' shows Backup Complete – Successful.

    As the backup is only a precaution, I don't want to validate it by restoring, but could you confirm for others that these alerts are OK?

    NB: The remote I have was useless as TWRP appears to need a mouse, and the navigation pad on the remote did not respond. Luckily I have a Logitech wireless keyboard with mousepad for my PC that worked.

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    Hey i used twrp and flash it in my box after that my box is only booting and only come out black screen…when i go to recovery mode then only twrp recovery mode home display come out and after that nothing option can select by mt tvbox remote just display freeze …so plz tel me what to do.

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    Good afternoon!!! Champion, I want to thank for this tutorial that helped me to change the ROM KitKat 4.4.2 to Lollipop 5.0.1, I used the pendrive to execute the trocar! Vlw

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    Hi mate, how do you update an installation already on NAND? Tried the original method of installing via an SD card but it goes through the motions then gets a black screen. Removing the SD card lets me boot back into my NAND installation but I want to update it. Thanks for your help

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    Hey 😀 Thanks for your awesome video. Got me booting into TWRP ^_^
    However, from within TWRP I can't seem to mount system and other nand partitions. Obviously from this I can't install libreelec on my mxq 🙁 any suggestions? It has me stumped. It appears the device no longer has android on it for some reason, do I need to unbrick it with amlogic burning tool?
    I've used amlogic burning tool and bridged pin 7-8 on the nand chip to burn stock firmware to the device. Is there a similar method for libreelec images?

    Thanks again ^_^

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    Looking forward to try flashing my old MXQ tho Ive now got a Minix U1. Excellent tutorial wth nice relaxed presentation style. Thanks

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