MXQPRO AMLOGIC S905: Android OS Update

An excellent ROM by a developer known as Coolio on freaktab. Here we show you how to hack and install this ace android 5.1 firmware on MXQPRO S905 TV Box using Amlogic USB Burner.

This premium Google TV Lean Back Launcher firmware provides you – this MXQPRO 5.1 firmware provides you with improved hacking and the ability to play 3D games better on your device …


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    help please, I would like to flash it but I can't because when I try to recover the TV box it is done automatically and is not recognized by the program, I am going crazy help me as soon as possible

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    As with several other posters, the stock remote with my box doesn't work with this rom. My box has an S905 motherboard p201, the only difference seems to be that the box doesn't have "4K" written on it. The model number is: MXQPRO N. Any idea how to fix it?

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    nvm I guess you have to absolutly plug it in the port shown on the video and you have to plug it in numerous times to get it to connect to the pc, that or you usb cable is broken some how. when ever you do this you just need to know that your device needs to be running android 5.1.1 for this to work and do exactly all the steps from file placement to where things are plugged in it should work. its december 2018 and i just did it so it still works.

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    Hi did you testet this firmware on Sunvell T95 Amlogic 905 , I can nt use Kodi Krypton and Netflix on my box i need a newest upgrade to use this app,s

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    Really??? It is that complicated to update this POS box that should work properly and should update itself automatically! PITA unit, sad I ever bought it, always a glitchy, high maintenance annoyance….beware.

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    Hello people i have a question on you all and i hope i will recieve the correct answer back.
    I have made all the step in this video but the problem is cause the PC don't recognize the Android box and i cannot go verder(i have tried 2 different Pc and the same problem he don't regonize the android box)
    I have a Android Box: MXq Pro 4K Amlogic 64 bit Quad Core A53 S905 with the firmware version on the moment: Android system recovery <3e> 20161102.
    Android version: 5.1.1
    Security patch level was last in 01/11/2015
    Please help me how i can have a good version of Android on my box.
    I will appreciate you're help.
    Thanks a lot
    Greetings Danyel from Netherland.

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    Thanks for the video 🙂
    Can you please comment if it is ok to install this rom on MXQ PRO 4K S905W device?
    Thanks 🙂

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    My MXQ box doesn't recognize by windows. Tried using 2 different laptops. In both the laptops it's detecting as an Unknown device. Is there any way that I could install the drivers manually?

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    I'm like a newbie on stuff like this but to upgrade with your instructions was easy peasy. Worked like a charm. Thanks a thousand times. You are awesome!

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    Hi sir Matthew actually my android TV box mxq 4k ultra HD I bought online market but unfortunately some days work at a good but now display screen shots only android logo and no icons show please kindly help me.

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    I'm trying to install but I have a problem, I can not figure out if I have to put the pen back all the way down, in half, and then hold straight down or down …

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    If I install this firmware, will my USB capacitive touchscreen work on it? On my actual firmware it does not work.

    Thank u.

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    Very nice video. Can you please tell me I have MXQ PRO 4K S905 5.1.1. Is it okay for me to install MXQ PRO S905W 7.1 Nougat firmware to my box. Please. Thank you.?

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    Hello nice video I have MXQ PRO 4K my box is 5.1.1 I was trying to update to 7.1  but some how give me a problem for Erase bootloader said 4 times, than I stop doing it when I plug my box plug in to TV updated 22 Apps. Everything works well. Can you please tell me I can not find upper level Firmware for my box. When you get a chance please let me know.

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