Neon City Android Game (HD) [Game For Kids]

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In this game you will face yourself as a space fighter racing pilot.
Control it with the acceleration, you have to withstand the longest possible way on the road, full of a variety of obstacles!
* HD quality ….


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    This game is verry Amazing cool only you need high concetration to make high scores but i see you get red things and that its not good only have to do is still slowly and get the points to wait of the portal points. Red points is 10.000 green 5000 and yellow is 2000 and blue 1000 points. My best scores is 2.130.715. I have a scheen shot so good Luck with the neon city game 🙂

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    O_O i was searching for a good tron like game!! thanks for the gameplay man 😀 Also never stop uploading vids of android games you are my #1 source for them 😉

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