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The Devil May Cry: Peak War / Peak Fighting Trailer:

Devil May …


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    The game has copied maps from various games such as Fortuna map which is DMC4, Theme park is DmC, 3:53 is a room in DMC1 Mallet Island where Dante gets Alastor sword and that big cathedral room is the room is similar to the room Dante's final fight with Mundus, so yeah a lot of copying ideas from the series. And of course the fight between Dante and Vergil at the top of Temen-ni-gru tower is DMC3. So the maps are all over the place and doesn't make sense to story if your going from Fortuna to Mallet Island to Temen-ni-gru LOL..I think I will stick to the current DMC series.

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    So hyped for this game!
    DMC 5 is my first DMC game but I'm already into the fandom so if this is another DMC game, I'm definitely supporting it! And if I'm not mistaken, this will be the 1st mobile version of the game. Makes it more available to most without consoles.

    Already pre-registered. If anyone needs a friend code, here's mine: 10361550
    Thanks! Hope to play the mobile game soon.

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