[NEW] Install the latest FAST associated apps! FIRESTICK and Android devices – the easiest way! New 2020!

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WalkQuick video will help you with how to quickly install Filelinked app. 100% free and legal Filelinked app on your device fast and easy! This app is an excellent legal file sharing app that is versatile and can be used in many situations of families sharing valuable family videos or …


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    Hello Everyone, thanks so much for visiting, I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Hit that thumbs up and Subscribe? Feel free to visit my store

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    Thank you for all your hard work stream and tec what's happened to star7 live tv was my favorite live e tv app seems to have disappeared merry Christmas stream and tec keep the grate apps coming thank you ???

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    Hi I tried to download it on my tablet once I open it says there's a problem parsing the package. Can you please help. My table is a Samsung galaxy 10.1

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    i'm getting an error when trying to download the GSE IPTV player as well as when trying to download the plug in for USA tv and radio. Have uninstalled and reinstalled your filelink store as well as the apps themselves. Any suggestions

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    I just got a new TV and new firestick for Christmas. This saves me from going through all your previous videos. Thanks so much. With so many choices on your Filelinked store could you recommend the top 4 – 6 must have apps. Thanks and have a Happy Holiday.

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    I have a crazy problem with my firestick. I have a newer 4K. As of yesterday i could not open many of my apks. I CAN open my live stream tv app, my vpn, DaBei Assistant, Morphix apk, but none of my other movie/tv apks. They just go right back to HOME or show me a blank white screen. So i decided to do a complete factory reset….thought for sure that would fix the problem. NOT…… i cannot figure it out. I have all my settings correct.. for sure. I cannot exchange it to Amazon because i bought it from someone else and its been maybe 6mths. I have had to reset the stick once before. I keep it cool, unplug the electric if not using for a lengthy time. Do you have any idea what the deal is or better yet a way that it can be fixed?? It stinks to have a better (supposedly) and faster firestick and now i am using my 2nd gen now. I appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you greatly.

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    Thanks for all your hard work! I do have a question i hope you can help with? Its not related to your video. I cant screen mirror my s9 plus to my samsung tv with a vpn on! When I shut it off it works perfectly but that defeats the purpose. Any suggestions?

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